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  Compound Asafoetida ( Hing )
Botanical Name : Ferula Foetida, Ferula Northex
Indian Name : Hing  
Native Place : Mediterranean Region, Iran, Afghanistan.

Description :

Asafoetida has been held in great esteem amongst indigenous medicines from the earliest time in India.

Asafoetida is dirty yellow in colour with a pungent smell. It is used as a flavouring agent and forms Constituent of many Spice Mixtures. It is also use in an Essential Ingredient for most of the Digestive Powders.

Compound Asafoetida is a Compound (combination) of Asafoetida, Wheat Flour, Edible Gum and It use in every day Cooking like "Vagar" and "Tadka". It is also used to flavour Curries, Meatballs, Dall and Pickles.

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