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This Mixture is the Basic Raw Material for Many Pickles. It can be Stored Ingredients in a bottle for the Whole Year and is called Sambhar.

:: Ingredients

The masalas are arranged according to quantity used from Maximum to Minimum ranges..

Fenugreek Kuria (Coarse Powder)
Red Chilli Powder
Common Salt
Edible Oils
Turmeric Powder


..:: Hot Mango Pickles ::..

:: Ingredients

i) 2 kg good quality raw mangoes,  cut square pieces.
ii) 500 gm hot pickle sambhar (Feenugreek Mango Pickle Mix).
iii) 2 Cups sesame (til) Oil

:: Method

  • Mix two cups salt and turmeric powder with mango pieces.Cover and keep for 24 hours, shake a few times. Next day take out the mango pieces, remove the water, and dry them on a cloth in shade for atleast 6-8 hours.

  • Then mix this pickle mix with mango pieces and fill in a bottle and then pour oil on them.Next day check the pickle, if the oil has settled down, add some more oil. Oil should float on the top oil the time to avoid fungus.Use pickle after a few days. This mango pickke can be preserved for a year.


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